Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Belly Busting Budget

OK, so I'm not looking for a standing roar of “Oh, no you’re not.” When I say what I am about to say. I'm not looking for sympathy or attention relating to sympathy (positive attention is most welcome). I'm going to be simply stating a fact. This is based on my Body Mass Index (BMI), the uncomfortably snug hugs my T-shirts give me and most importantly, (for me and many people), the way I feel and see myself.
So I'm going to say it. I'm FAT. I'm also very lazy and have zero will power. I have on many occasions joined a gym and not gone, I have bought a bike and several types of ball hitting bats that gather rust and dust.
I'm thirty two:

remembering myself a tenth of the size when I was sixteen:

and worrying if I will live to sixty four (see what I did with the maths?).

My partner and I have a family that consists of six children between us and this means the food budget isn't great.
The cost of healthy eating can often be expensive despite what some may believe. We have previously filled the freezer for a month for less than £80 but it has consisted of battered, breaded and processed food. This is definitely not healthy but has guaranteed survival in the bleakest of financial times.
I now need to try and incorporate healthier eating with a low budget. To do this we are going to have to be a lot more organised and a lot less impulsive in our shopping when out and about.
To start with we are going to try a one week food menu. This has been done to include breakfast, packed lunch for me and the kids and a different dinner every evening. I have recently fallen in love with the quality, pricing and service provided at Aldi (so much so I have considered asking for a job there) and will be basing our budget around a food menu mainly sourced at our local store.
I’m hoping to reduce portions on nights I know I’m not necessarily eating the healthiest of meals and start taking the dog for a walk and dare I say it using the bike that I have neglected.
Once I have purchased the items I will list our meals and see how we fare with the weight loss and overall cost. 


  1. Use the MyFitnessPal app to count calories, best thing ever :)

  2. enjoying your blog, Neil. Happy to reconnect and hoping the degree is going well

  3. Thank you for your support!
    I'm loving my Degree so far.