Friday, 6 February 2015

The cost of our Children.

My children are priceless. However, do we ever really know the cost in a life time for the children we
bring in to this world?

Today I finished work early to pick my Daughter Olivia (aged 10 ) up from school, I then headed to the school where my girlfriends kids go to pick them up (Llewys aged 10 Amelia aged 8).

I thought this in it's self was a good deed but I proceeded to make Faggots, cheesy mash, vedge and gravy for tea.

Once this was done I wallpapered one of the landing walls in what is now an almost finished project and then fitted the carpet on the landing and top three stairs.

This was whilst listening to Ben (aged 11, my eldest son......I had to edit this as Hannah reminded me he's no longer ten...) and Llewys talking absolute gibberish whilst playing some game I would myself have actually liked to be playing, instead of my poor attempt at carpet fitting, which would have taken a tenth of the time for a professional to fit. This I can only blame on my pride as I had stated it too expensive to pay some one to do the job.

I doubt a real fitter would have a two year old (Georgia) placing the scrap off cuts back on the landing every two minutes and passing me tools I didn't need with an angelic "Here you go Neo" (my daughter calls me this due to my step kids referring to me by my first name ....."sigh"

Anyway. I finished the stairs half way because it's getting late and the neighbours will retaliate to the banging of the bolster with loud TV through the night. Hannah made pâté on toast and I sat, now aching, trying to eat it when Michael (aged 8 months) decides he wants it.

I ask Hannah if she wants more to which she tactically asks "are you making it?" And I respond wearily and aching from my underestimated DIY,

"I suppose I'm making Tea as we'll despite cooking dinner, picking up the kids, wallpapering and almost fitting a carpet".

She looked at me for a brief moment ( I thought I may have over stepped the mark and now be in trouble ) and then says with a smile "I gave birth to your babies"

This is what I mean about the cost of my children. I think I may well be paying for them for many years to come. They and Hannah are worth every ache though....

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