Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Burger me !

So tonight I offered to cook tea.
After having an awesome burger on Friday from a restaurant, I decided to make my own  "Man Burger".
We have : A burger sauce, red pepper, onion, pickled Red Chilli, Beef Quarter Pounder,
Garlic Mayo, salad (for the ladies) and Pulled BBQ Pork.
I topped this with a toasted bun lid.
What's your favourite home made burger?

Monday, 13 April 2015

Cottage Pie

As a lover of all things Aldi, I wanted to show a little meal I made that is a family pleaser. This is no mean feat with six fussy kids. I have started to try and make meals that are fairly simple but incorporate plenty of the right ingredients to a healthy children’s diet.

Sometimes I wonder how I survived as a kid without chicken nuggets or pizza as a main staple. This is due to it being my kid’s main dinner time request.

I have bought all ingredients used from Aldi as I find the store the cheapest around (and no, I do not work for them).

I am cooking a cottage pie with an added ingredient of sweet potato. I know they are really good for you and I hope it will add a sweetness that will hook the kids.

 I purchased:
·         * 5 kg of Every day essential potatoes (plenty left over from making roasties for my Sunday dinner)
·         A pack of four wood farm mild onions. They last really well in the cupboard which is handy and I use them in all my cooking.

·         * 500 g Ashfield farm beef mince. This is so reasonable and again I use it for chilli which Is another favourite of mine. It’s also reduced in fat so I feel like I’m being really good…

·         * 1 kg wood farm sweet potatoes. Again I do not use the whole bag in one sitting, I used some with a Butternut squash to make a veggie curry.

·        * 1 packet of Bramwell’s Beef Casserole mix. As I am no chef, the gravy I make has fantastic flour complemented by this lovely mix.

I find the peeling and boiling of the potatoes takes the longer so I do this first and then cook the meat whilst they boil away. I keep the sweet and normal potatoes separate as I add them in separate layers.

I sliced and fried the onions in a little oil, before browning the mince in the same pan. Once the meat is cooked, I add the casserole mix which was dissolved in 450 ml of cold water (this is what the packet advises). I allowed this to simmer for a while to thicken the gravy. Once I was happy I poured the mince and gravy into a casserole dish. 

I mashed the sweet potato and covered the mince.

After this I mashed the potatoes and with a small amount of butter and milk (my preference) and added this final layer to the cottage pie.

I left this in the oven until the potato was golden brown.

I'm serving it with some kale with a hope the kids will eat some greens. 
I have started to enjoy eating curly kale, but don’t tell my mum, as she had years of forcing me to eat anything in the green spectrum.