Thursday, 5 May 2016

Slimming Pickings

I've just joined Slimming world with my girlfriend.
I started with her unofficially last week and found I have had some good results so went along this Wednesday to join.
The Leader/Coach is such a natural people person that I feel comfortable being there.
Even though the male statistics were quite low, there was a humorous older gentlemen who has hit his goal weight and a gentleman around my own age who had had a shaky week but took it in his stride with a clear idea of how he is going to move forward.

I did feel a little embarrassed about the group clapping part but I think that's part of the development.

It's also probably due to the anxiety based on being there because I need to lose weight.

I have stood in front of many people presenting and even selling.
I was even on stage at a local theatre when I was 19.

I guess age and a mental image of being a lesser version of myself created the embarrassment of being in a group of people, clapping others for not eating stuff they shouldn't, stuff that as adults we all know we shouldn't  binge on. (Exhibit A: one wholw pack of custard creams dunked in tea...oops) But then I remembered that everyone was there for the same reason. Even the people who had hit theri goal weight had been in my situation.

The nice thing about this group life/food coaching event, is that you stop paying once your goal weight is achieved.  As a business a company could quite easily keep charging and I guess I like the idea that this is a company that is trying to help others lose weight.

That brings me to the reason of this post.

I had a microwave meal made by slimming world which is sold in Iceland.

It was £3 but if bought with two other meals, you got six muller light yoghurts free.
Again great value for money.

Portion: I have had plenty of microwave meals in the past and I can say with confidence the portion size is twice that of your average meal costing £3.
I even hesitated  before eating and asked Hannah (GF) if I was allowed to eat it all.

Texture: This reasonably quick fix meal, although frozen and then cooked in a method I no longer normally choose as a method of cooking, was as good as eating freshly pan cooked pasta.
The vegetables tasted newly picked and sliced  as well.
The chicken didn't taste like cardboard as I would have usually expected  for a pre packed meal.
The cherry tomatoes added a good flavour, the courgettes and peppers were of a great consistency instead of being like goo.
More importantly, my 23 month old and my 3 year old hovered over me assisting me in eating it. They can be quite fussy eaters and the tomato and herb flavour which wasn't hidden in sugar like most processed sauces, didn't faze them on bit. I guess they are supporting in my efforts...

Lastly and brining this post back to value,
Not only do you get a frozen to fresh, filling meal, Slimming world give you the recipe and ingredients list on the back!

I can just imagine the board meeting when the products were being created.

Marketing Manager: "So you want to tell people how to make these meals themselves?" (Looks at the C.E.O's like he's being punked)

C.E.O (smiling calmly) "Yes"

Marketing Manager: (Looking for the hidden camera's and thinking he'll kill the boys in the office for this wind up) "But they won't need to buy these, (taps plate of slimming world meal with silver Parker pen, given last Christmas as a gift) again."

C.E.O (Smiles and Nods) "Exactly"

It looks like most of the meals have the ingredients and recipe for making them, on the back of the packaging.

That cements my belief this a company balancing their Help to Business ratio.

It's also great to know that if I'm peckish after a long day and eaten my set meals, I can have one of these meals because they are classed as Syn Free! (Syns are the alloted points for food you aren't really supposed to have. Things that don't grow on trees or flow in rivers) like packets of crisps or chocolate bars).

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